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99% high purity Oral Superdrol Methyldrostanolone steroid powder
99% high purity Oral Superdrol Methyldrostanolone steroid powder
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Published: Nov 2, 2018
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ID item Nr.: 1230332
Published: Nov 2, 2018
Keywords: Methyldrostanolone
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Delivery time: 3 days after payment
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Category: Pharmaceutical Chemicals
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Country: China
Company: Shenzhen Hupharma Industry Co., Ltd
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Contact person: Mrs. A Tammy
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Company Registered: 2016
Total No. Employees: 100-1000
Ownership Type: Individual (Sole proprietorship)

99% high purity Oral Superdrol Methyldrostanolone steroid powder


WickrMe: Tammyzxz


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Product Name: Methyldrostanolone

CAS: 3381-88-2

Purity: 99%

Molecular Formula: C21H34O2

Molecular Weight: 318.492

Appearance: white crystalline powder



methastrone(superdrol, and methyldrostanolone) is an oral anabolic steroid. superdrol or superdrol is an anabolic steroid. for bodybuilding/athletic purposes superdrol increases testosterone levels which induce substantial increases in bodily shape and size, largely due to its ability to increase your number of muscle fibers.

these benefits alone make superdrol a formidable androgen, but it also encompasses other traditional steroid properties like: increased red blood cell (rbc) production; improved endurance during exercise via better lactic acid clearing; enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles for greater stamina; better muscle glycogen restoration after exercise for faster recovery and; the inhibition of catabolism (muscle destruction).



superdrol is a very strong compound therefore it\'s generally best to start with a lower dosage, asses tolerance and slowly increase it to the desired range. for first time superdrol users generally 20mg is sufficient and should be an ideal first cycle dosage, superdrol cycles are typically 3-4 weeks in length with 4 weeks being the most common, typically after 4 weeks the gains begin to slow and side effects increase thus cycles longer than 4 weeks aren\'t common or recommended. below are two common dosing protocols.


superdrol dosing for new superdrol users: week1: 10mg / per day | week 2-4: 20mg / per day

superdrol dosing for experienced superdrol users: week1: 20mg / per day | week 2-4: 30mg / per day

if going with a 3-week cycle instead of a 4-week cycle, don\'t use a lower first week dosage, keep it the same the entire way through the cycle (example week 1-3: 20mg/20mg/20mg per day). more experienced users with past superdrol experience can experiment with dosages to around 40mg, however the added benefit may be negligible compared to the added sides at high dosages.


superdrol works relatively quickly, therefore the majority of users typically begin to experience the effects of superdrol within 5-12 days, depending on the user. superdrol has an average half life and should have it\'s dosages split, ideally with one dosage in the morning and one around dinner time. on workout days it\'s advisable to take a dosage roughly one hour prior to starting your lifting session, it\'s also advisable to avoid taking a dosage close to bed time as it can alter sleep patterns.

ideally each superdrol dosage should be taken simultaneously with fish or flax seed oil to enhance absorp

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