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AICAR (Acadesine)
AICAR (Acadesine)
ID item Nr.: 1239703
Published: May 15, 2019
Price: 10 USD
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ID item Nr.: 1239703
Published: May 15, 2019
Keywords: CAS: 2627-69-2
FOB Price: 10 USD
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Production capacity: 10 Gram/Grams
Category: Health Care Products
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Country: China
Company: Wuhan Shuiyixing Co., Ltd.Wuhan Shuiyixing Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Contact person: Mrs. Song Julie
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Description :


(1). AICAR is a peptide whose technical name is 5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide.It can also be known as AICA ribonucleotide, ZMP, or Acadesine.It is an intermediate contained in the generation of inosine monophosphate.It primarily functions as an AMP-activated protein kinase agonist, meaning that it has the ability to promote the operation of nutrient stores for energy production.


(2). AICAR is an adenosine analog that selectively activates AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). AMPK regulates lipid and glucose metabolism to maintain cellular energy homeostasis (Hardie and Carling).


(3). AICAR can play a hand in boosting these processes because it contains the ability to penetrate cardiac cells and block the production of enzymes tied to regulating glucose intake and energy expulsion.


(4). With these regulatory enzymes inhibited, the affected cells can in turn boost the amount of glucose that can be received, and it can also increase its level of energy conversion.Additionally, the peptide\'s presence has been determined to aid in lowering programmed cell death, a process that is also known as apoptosis.



Applications :


AICAR is a cell permeable activator of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), a metabolic master regulator that is activated in times of reduced energy availability (high cellular AMP:ATP ratios) and serves to inhibit anabolic processes. In vivo, pharmacologic activation of AMPK with AICAR mimics exercise and triggers insulin-independent glucose uptake by skeletal muscle.


First, it’s an important pharmacological research agent, used principally as an AMPK activator. It’s a compound which has shown extremely impressive fat-loss and endurance-enhancing effects in laboratory animals. Further, it has considerable mystique resulting from at least some use by elite European cyclists. And lastly, it’s readily available from research chemical sites and is being personally tried by many, though generally as part of stacks and combined with changes in training and/or diet.


Functions :


Fat Loss:


AICAR is a peptide,which is an intermediate within the generation of inosine monophosphate and directly related to metabolic regulation.The most important mechanism that AICAR is known for is its ability to block enzymes both in intracellular and extracellular levels,which,in turn,allows for an accelerated stimulation of glucose uptake and increase protein kinases in skeletal muscle tissue.These two functions allow for more energy conversion,which helps burn fat and also sustain output in activity.This is what scientists and athletes/bodybuilders are interested in.


AMP-activated Protein Kinase:


Aicar\'s principal mechanism of action is activation of AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase.) Activating AMPK,therefore,causes the same cellular machinery (so to speak) to be turned on as if the cell were energy deprived,for example from intensive exercise,or from low caloric intake.


Aicar,at sufficient and quite substantial concentration,is effective at activating AMPK and inducing a cellular state as if exercise had been performed,or energy stores were low and fat therefore needed to be burned.


AICAR uses metabolic pathways to block certain enzymes,which allows for AMP-activated protein kinase.This can be explained to the layperson like this: once you take a substantial amount of aicar,it tricks your body at a cellular level in to thinking that exercise has just been preformed. Since the body thinks it has just done a considerable amount of exercise,the energy cycle at the cellular level starts converting fuel sources,like fatty acids,to output the energy that was thought to have been spent during exercise.This can have a direct effect on the level of endurance activity and the sustainability of that activity.Insulin sensitivity is also noted to be one action that AICAR produces,as the body will think it just went through a series of exercises.Interestingly,in animal studies with obese mice,aicar showed all of the peptides benefits for obese diet induced mice,yet the healthy lean mice did not reap any of the benefits of insulin sensitivity or increase in glucose uptake.That being said, the application in bodybuilding does not seem very suitable, as these mechanisms are targeted for the out-of-shape and over-weight.


Protect against ischemic Injury:


Interestingly, aicar has been shown to protect against ischemic injury.This type of injury is directly related to the restriction of blood to tissues,which can cause insufficient amounts of oxygen and glucose needed to keep the tissue alive.This can lead to thrombosis,embolisms,and vasoconstriction.Aicar can be used as a stabilizing peptide for ischemic episodes,and it can allow for proper blood flow to the myocardium (heart).This function is very interesting,as aicar could be fundamentally used to treat the heart muscle in the aftermath of a heart attack.This might reduce the possibility for ischemic injuries.Abnormal growths of heart tissues and heart valve function have also been altered in animal studies that used the peptide aicar,which is a downside.


Why do Athletes and Bodybuilders use GW and AICAR?


While peptides aren\'t cleared for human use, plenty of athletes and bodybuilders still use GW and AICAR to improve their performance. Bodybuilders often express interest in the fat-burning capabilities of these peptides. Athletes, especially those in endurance sports, believe that the GW and AICAR stack can quickly raise their endurance levels.



Dosage :


New users:25mg/day

Advanced users: those who had already experienced with steroids, peptides or HGH:50mg/day

Competitors and Professionals:75mg/day,divide the injections during the day



How to proceed steroid order?


First: Please let me know the itmes you are looking for, quantity, and the destination country


Second: You confirm all details, and offer us purchasing order;


Third: We send the detail price of our product and offer suitable shipping method reference.


Forth: You confirm the order and pay money 100% in advance and send us detail address.


Fifth: We arrange the shipment according to your requirements.


Sixth: We offer after-sales service after you receive parcel;


 Email: china@quality-steroid.com

Web: www.rawsgear.com

Skype: +8615711952876

Whatsapp +8615711952876


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