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ID item Nr.: 1239706
Published: May 15, 2019
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ID item Nr.: 1239706
Published: May 15, 2019
Keywords: PEG MGF
FOB Price: 10 USD
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Production capacity: 10 Gram/Grams
Category: Health Care Products
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Country: China
Company: Wuhan Shuiyixing Co., Ltd.Wuhan Shuiyixing Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Contact person: Mrs. Song Julie
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PEG-MGF Description


PEG-MGF is a muscle change caused by strict exercise and muscle damage. Structural differences in liver tissue synthesis of IGF-1 and other factors, MGF into the muscle fiber repair skeletal muscle tissue, to prevent damage to cell death. It adds stem cells to the muscle and is triggered by a stimulus pulse after a significant mechanical stress is experienced in the muscle tissue. With age, MGF gene transcription is small, which is why the elderly muscle mass decline, some diseases will also affect its production.


According to a study in the UK, older people who exercise and accept hormones called \"mechanical growth factor\" (MGF) show an increase in muscle mass.


PEG-MGF can also help to treat age-related muscle strength loss, resulting in increased brittleness

This hormone may also be due to muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), kidney disease or cancer and other diseases can not be intensive exercise patients. Astronauts can even help astronauts who spend a long time in space travel to slow down muscle loss.


When the muscle is stretched during exercise, the naturally occurring MGF activates stem cells that already exist in muscle tissue. Once activated, the stem cells begin to divide and produce additional muscle fibers that increase the size and strength of the muscles.


With age, MGF levels decreased. This combination of lack of intense physical activity may lead to weight loss in the elderly. In this case, treatment with MGF may be beneficial, but the disadvantage is that MGF has a great potential for doping in motion.


PEG-MGF Application


PEG-MGF is used to enhance the purpose of websites and systems by increasing lean muscle and fat reduction


PEG-MGF may benefit: PEG-MGF stimulates muscle growth (hypertrophy); increases muscle growth from training; rapid repair of existing muscle cells; increases muscle cell count (proliferation); reduces protein breakdown; increases muscle repair after injury Speed and degree


Consumption method 1: Immediately after exercise immediately into the muscle


Consumption method 2: subcutaneous injection into fat layer


Injection preparation: 1 ml (100 IU) of sterile solution was added to the PEG-MGF vial. Each 200mcg is equal to 0.1ml (10IU).

PEG-MGF at a dose of 1: 200 mcg (10 IU) of PEG-MGF was separated on both sides of the newly cultured muscle, i.e. 100 mcg left, 100 mcg

PEG-MGF was injected into the abdominal fat at a dose of 2: 200 mcg (10 IU) of PEG-MGF

PEG-MGF dose per vial: 10 x 200 mcg dose (10 doses per vial)




The Mechano factor (MGF) exhibits a local effect in skeletal muscle and does not pass through the body without change. The problem of synthetic Mechano factor (MGF) is intramuscular introduction and is water-based, so it enters the bloodstream. When used in this way, the Mechano factor (MGF) remains stable only in the blood for a few minutes. The bio-made MGF is made locally and does not enter the blood.


PEG-MGF function


I G F-1 is a hormone consisting essentially of 70 amino acids that are structurally similar to insulin.

MGF splicing activates satellite cells, resulting in the growth of new muscle fibers in the body. In addition, the presence of MGF increases the body\'s protein synthesis rate. This will cause the body to increase muscle size and, more importantly, repair the existing damaged muscles. MGF-related recovery factors are undoubtedly the most important and beneficial aspects of hormones.

While the MGF function may seem a bit confusing when you first look, the process itself is quite simple


when you step by step look:

I G F-1 is released due to movement (after exercise)

I G F-1 is spliced ​​to MGF

MGF activates muscle tissue by activation of muscle stem cells


PRG-MGF comments


Standard MGF is very difficult to control, and it is often difficult to obtain valuable benefits due to the small window of acceptable administration time. Thus, the use of a unique MGF is PEG-MGF. PEG addition is only a polyethylene glycol that increases the half-life of MGF. Not toxic, will not cause harm to hormones or the body.


MGF may also be an appropriate choice for synthetic metabolic steroid users between steroid cycles. This product does not inhibit testosterone. However, the overall result, when used with anabolic steroids, will see the greatest harvest.


PEG-MGF usage and effects


MGF peptides are used primarily by athletes, athletes, etc., and should be used with another peptide supplements Lr3IGF-1. The dose of the injected peptide varies from person to person, but the standard of 100 mcgs is usually applied to the lagging muscles after completing a wide range of exercise programs. It should be noted that the peptide induces muscle hypertrophy, followed by muscle tissue growth and damaged muscle repair. As a product, it certainly represents the culmination of biochemistry applied to daily life training programs and the success of drugs.


PEG-MGF dose


According to medical experts, MGF peptide is used 3 times a week; the product is often recommended to keep away from sunlight and heat. After extensive use of the product, attention has been paid to weight issues - it has been found that overall weight gain is not surprising for peptide supplements. In some cases, muscle growth is reported to have increased by 4 pounds. It should be noted that PCT steroids can also act as super accelerators to accelerate tissue recovery, in addition to being used with MGF to prevent muscle loss.

Email: china@quality-steroid.com

Web: www.rawsgear.com

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